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Design Tips

Earth Tones

​Our nature and evolution creates a natural attraction to earth tones. It is scientifically proven that the color green will affect production of calming hormones in the brain and reliefs stress. Light colors will also allow us to give an illusion of a bigger space with pleasant eyesight.


One of the most important things nowadays in design planning is the flow. The concept was originally taken from the Feng Shui. Our space size can be maximized by emphasizing the open space. The feeling of a wide open space that allows light to be reflected from all sides, as well as the option to see our loved ones from anywhere in the living space is priceless. The perfect condition is to align entry door with the backyard slider or French door to allow maximum flow, and by doing that, getting a feeling of an endless space.

Natural Light

Exactly as the previous section mentions, we are designed in a way that outdoor view makes us feel better. Natural light relax us and let us feel the infinity. Lots of windows is a common element in both modern, mid century, Scandinavian, and and more design styles


Researches shows at least 50% of our conception of beauty seats at the Symmetry. Especially if you want to emphasize the middle area.

Open Floor

High ceiling does not give us more square footage and yet it is so crucial. That’s why keeping the space open give us an illusion of a bigger living space.

Remodeling Tips

​Increase Efficiency, Not Size

Always consider resell value versus the investments on the project. Use Internet sites like “cost per value”

Minimize surprises while doing construction. ​

​Use the following tools
1. Outlet Voltage Tester
2. Humidity Tester
3. Perform mold/asbestos/lead toxins tests yourself prior to the work.
4. Ask the contractor to take pictures if he goes on top of the roof or in the attic.

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