Jordi K. - Central LA

Hi sage did some work for my family last year
My parents were so happy .
I contacted him and found out he opened a company of his own
It was a no brainer

I didn’t even get quotes
New dawn and sage build a beautiful kitchen from 0 , The old kitchen is a mess
Workers were right on time everyday
They were so polite always with their classic uniforms.
The job was supposed to be done in a month they finished everything in 3 weeks
Sage was there almost every day and the results are wonderful

I even had a written schedule that has been updated every week

Thanks sage
I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends and family

Richard T. - Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of working with new dawn on my back yard
Job took about a week
Sage was there for any question I had
Alberto is so nice and kind
They did some pavers and my bbq are
Job went perfect
You should definitely use them
The price was a little high but definitely worth it
Thank sage Alberto and new dawn

Fland Y. - Los Angeles

I have met sage about two months ago threw a referral of my best friend Amanda they worked on her kitchen which is unbelievably beautiful

It took them about a week to schedule the apt
We agreed on remodeling my master bathroom
Since we have made the agreement sage was there every day working with his guys designing and building my beautiful bathroom
Amazing workmanship professional crews
He answered every time I called and gave solutions for every problem I’ve had

We found out that there was a leak under the tub and the fixed it without extra cost

Fair prices amazing service and unbelievable results
You can judge for yourself

Eddie S. - Los Angeles

I hear about Sage from a family friend who did their kitchen and Bathroom with him 2 years ago.
We had to remodel our master bathroom, and to install hardwood floor throughout the house.

Sage came with an honest price, and put us in his schedule a week after we sign the agreement.

Sage helped us a lot in choosing all the materials, got us the best deals and came almost every day to visit a crew.
Highly recommended company five star all around.

Limor H. - Canoga Park

Me and my Fiancé met sage about a month ago
They have been referred to me by my uncle which did his kitchen with David and new dawn few months ago .
It took some time to get all the finish material on site
I think the most important thing is the appearance of the project manager at the job
And they were excellent  , Besides the communication was great And the price was more then fair
Sage designed it all.

Nissim H. - Woodland Hills

Hi I had the pleasure of working with sage as Designer in One of his projects 3 years ago.

I saw how happy and Satisfied were the customer
Did I immediately decided but he’s the right guy To do the Two Bathrooms I’ve always wanted to do

It took almost two months Because of the permits but Sagi Was amazing all the way long
Professional cruise all have uniforms ,respectful,And accurate on times.

He delivered everything he promised right on time
And he basically designed the whole thing for me I saved so much money
His prices we great relatively to the 11 contractors I’ve interviewed this year

Highly recommended
This are my beautiful bathrooms

Thank you sage
Thank you new dawn remodeling

Josh K. - Los Angeles

I got to new dawn threw a friend
Great experience,great experience
Alex and sage came to give me an estimate
Price was attractive excellent presentation and a promotion that kiked me over the edge
We started with a small project but we continued to the hole kitchen and bathroom

Dayana C. - Los Angeles

We did a small project in my back yard
Concrete slub
Thanks to alberto and sage everything went perfectly
I am definitely happy with it
It took two weeks instead of 3 but overall im relly happy from the results and the workmenship

Adi S. - Los Angeles

Sage ,Albert and all the great crew worked in our house the last two week on a new bathroom and some irk on the living room
New dawn did a wonderful work it took a week less then what was promised and we absolutely adore the results
Communication was great ,it went almost flawless
Great job
Thankssssss so much.

Yaniv T. - Los Angeles

I had the pleasure Of working with new dawn on my new kitchen
They were so accurate
Delivered exactly what they said they will
And way more
Safe basically designed everything for me
It’s so Unique
I’m absolutely in love with that
It took a little bit more time then what we expected because of the city permits
But sage,Alberto and Julius was always there for my questions
Highly recommend great company

Lihi Y. - Los Angeles

I love what they did to my new house ! They are so professional and kind , highly recommend this team !! You won’t be disappointed.

Jacob n. - Los Angeles

I know sage for few years we have worked together before
I sub out some work that we had to do last moth and I was super happy from the result sage is super responsive and knows exactly what he is doing
He controls his crews perfectly
I’ll highly recommend to use them
Prices are also more then fair

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